Publicis Declares Creatives Obsolete

Justin Daab marketing, Strategy

Is their long game no creatives at all?

Last week Publicis made a very major and very public announcement regarding their desire to become, and roadmap for their evolution toward being, a “platform.” The announcement covered two main points. The first: they will cease to enter award shows or attend any industry events in fiscal 2018. The second: they will be investing what they would have spent on those award shows and events on the development on a corporate-wide machine-learning/A.I.-based collaboration platform called Marcel (named after Publicis founder, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet).


Viewed independently, perhaps those two points might appear benign. But the fact that those two ideas were intrinsically linked appears to signal that one of the largest marketing and communications companies in the world has embraced, and is preparing for, the post-subjective (read: post creatives) era for the industry. To better explain what I mean, let’s look at the collateral implications of these two factors.


Devaluing subjectivity

It is generally understood that major awards are the professional currency of agencies as a whole, but they are, perhaps, most valuable to the individual creators within the agency. Awards improve a creative’s free agency potential. An award-winning creative can more easily jump ship to another agency and, as a result, negotiate higher wages from the potential new, or existing employer. A quick glance at the contact us. Or, click around our site to see all of the other ways we help we help our clients outsmart, outmessage and outmarket larger competitors, to steal their most profitable customers.


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